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Winding Wires

Evolution of the implementation processes

This collection is designed for Professionals winding.

It tries to present the state of the art and especially the evolution of products and processes in the coming years.

It shows some new production tools and the Industrial Quality Tools needed for different sectors.

The approach to these tools is pragmatic and some formulas and tables that illustrate these pages are given to indicate to the reader the orientation of its industrial development.

This book tries to debunk some assertions from the nature of things ... ... and ... habits...


Winding Wires

We also propose techniocal training in the following fields :

- Winding wires basics

- Termo setting enamelled wires

- Different winding types 

- From Copper to Aluminium

- Quality tools


- Connection issues, EMC, and people safety

- Quality tools for connection qualification

- Connections in manufacturing processes

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