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Discover the crimping benefits of TechnoLitz®.

Within our premises, we realize the crimping on copper or aluminum enamelled cable, on all lengths and with the set of copper or aluminum tubular connector available on the market. Retrieve the dimensions of the standard tubular lugs on page 17 of the COSDEM catalog.

The cost of the service depends on the section of your cable. In addition, do not hesitate to give us the lengths of your crimping by email, during your order.

All new crimping is the subject of analysis according to the standards in the field of the connection.

Our material allows us the realization of crimping from 1 mm 2 to 300 mm 2.

Remember to tell us the details of your achievement in the text field provided for this purpose.

Harness Litz Cable (Thermal Class > 200 °C)





Coaxial Litz Cable (Thermal Class > 200 °C)





Insulation recovery and finishing

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Terminals insulation and finishing must be carried out in the state of the art.

This can be made according to the need and with a set of insulation such as PI, MICA, Fiberglass, silicone sheath, and heat-shrinkable elements (Sleeve 2, 3, 4 outlets ... ..)

The heat-shrink sleeves printing is a solution we offer to identify your products.

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