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Why a new cable ?


Today the use of Litz cable (even laminated) for high frequency and power applications, show their limitations. The inductive losses becoming preponderant, it was necessary to develop a new product to overcome these constraints. The solution has been to designate a cable to the flat conductor.


The connection solution is still an important step in the implementation of this product.

You will soon find a complete guide explaining how and with which tool to connect this cable.

It is obvious that, depending on the application, the insulation systems will have to be adapted as needed.

The single conductors of this cable can be isolated by:

- Polyester

- Nomex

- Polyimide

A specific definition according to the need is essential in order to give the cable all the performances necessary for its use. For this purpose AMR Electronics has developed a calculation program for dimensioning a cable whose inductance is very low (less than 10 nH / m).

A specific definition

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