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Technolitz was created to bring an answer to a very significiant evolutions of conception and use of Litz wires. A detailed analysis of the technological evolutions of the energy conversion (in all industrial fields) has led AMR to answer these new challenges.

Today we have a global view on futur technological options, thanks to a wide covering of very various industrial projects.

Todays constraints will help creating answers and products for tomorrow.

Located in Saint just (FRANCE) over 35 years AMR Electronique develops and manufactures new production processes for winding devices. 

Our expertise does not stop growing and now allows to support our clients in areas such as :

- Polymerization by Joule Effect in winding wires

- Analysis and qualification of enameled wire (for new products)

- Litz wires Connection without unenamelling thanks to COSDEM

- Prototyping of specific products manufactured for the imposed constraints

- Qualifications and validations of connections

- Bench Test motors

Our team will bring you answers on :

- Power electronics

- Topology of the different converters

- Losses in energy conversion

- Aging of polymers in link with insulation systems

- Partial discharge

- Corona effect

- Connecting issues

- The different implementation processes

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